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About The Mum Queen Elizabeth Cleaver

Having been blessed with a God given talent and a passion of creativity I happened into the Homecoming Mum Making craze 30 years ago.  Being a perfectionist I do 99.5% of each order that leaves my shop.  Each mum maker has their own individual design, my creation comes from a visualization when I speak to my clients wants and needs. I have been a trend setter in the HOCO industry. 


I start in January at Dallas Market and Craig Bachman in Chicago to bring you the latest trends and bling to the table.  Currently I also run a FB group called Homecoming Mum Inspirations where I mint0r  200 Homecoming Mum Makers throughout Texas and Oklahoma, holding classes in Dallas and Houston.  This is my way of giving  back and helping the younger generation to learn my God given craft. 


In 2019 I was In 2017 I was featured in the Wall Street Journal, where they spent a day with me, experiencing the true mum making world events from a client placing an order, me completing an order, seeing the joy of the client picking up their order.  It was truly a rewarding experience in the end the report from California wanted me to make her a mum.    I was also featured on Channel 13 several times on TV. 


My Unicorn Mum has been featured on Lion Ribbon FB page, Lion Ribbon has also asked me to create a mum for their showroom at the Dallas Market.  I also teach classes for L&M Wholesale in Glen Rose, TX for their mum show and this year I have been asked to design for the Southern Floral Mum Show in Houston TX. 


My business name was actually given to me by several of my  Klein High School kids . In the early years they started calling me Mrs. C The Mum Lady. In the last few years, the name "The Mum Queen" came to fruition. I believe my work speaks for itself. My designs are based on beauty and elegance.  I was  the first to create the senior white and gold Homecoming Mum in my daughters Senior  year. Moving forward I am also the one that introduced color in the traditional school color blends. 


The memories of the faces through the years when I bring out that special mum is always priceless. I have shipped my mums all over the US. It is my pleasure to have been in business long enough to be able to create mums for the children of my previous clients. I simply love what I do. In the past all of my business came from satisfied customers. This was my passion and escape from the corporate world and now I am completing my dream and taking this to social media. 


We do all schools Klein, Klein Oak, Klein Collins, Klein Cain, Klein Forest, Oak Ridge, The Woodlands, College Park,  Conroe, Tomball, Tomball Memorial, Cy Creek, Cy Falls, Cy Woods, All Private schools and have done schools from College Station to Willis, Montgomery to Friendswood.  We also do the Little League or Pee Wee League Homecoming Mums and Cheer Garters.  We can do any budget needs and can accommodate to any desire. 


Elizabeth Cleaver

"The Mum Queen"


— Jennifer W.

She is absolutely amazing and has been doing this forever and gets better every year. Not one mum looks the same!! She did mine over 16 years and is now doing it for my children, how special is that!!

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