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Welcome to HOCO 2022!   During this time we have taken our time to find the perfect ribbon, bling, and created new designs to make your HOCO 2022  so you have a special memory of your special day that is important to you.  We have been working on orders all summer and even with all that is unsure around you the one thing I have been hearing from my clients is "I want her to have a special mum or him a special garter".   This is a Texas tradition that no one wants to take away. I am now open for business which ever way you would like we can do a Face Time or feel free to come in. This year I have streamlined my online ordering process.  Basically I created some designs that are popular, leaving it up to you to add any additional to your budget.
Click on the store below. Be sure to read what is already included in price.  
Or you can choose one of the Mums In the Moment Now and we will customize to your needs.
Or you can call me at 832-326-3716 and set up an appointment or book online CLICK HERE
You can make any package unique and specific to your personality and/or activities. 
Each Mum or Garter is filled with lots of detail and attention. My Speciality!
Do you have any questions?  Feel free to give us a call  832-326-3716 or email us at

HMI Acrylics

Welcome to HMI Acrylics Created by my Daughter In Law Jennifer Cleaver @Bear & Little Co. We are in the process of revamping the site and have a lot more designs to add. Where you can order for all of your HOCO Needs. If there is a something your do not see that you would like please contact Jennifer Once your order is received you will receive an invoice for payment. All orders need to be paid in advance. Shipping will be added upon completion.

You can order in 4's , 6's, 9's or 12"s. All Acrylics are 2.75" at widest point some are a little over depending on the design. All acrylics come in either Mirror Silver, Mirror Gold, Mirror Rose Gold, or Clear, please specify all color choices carefully. Also please specify if you would like a hole on your acrylic or no hole. Current price is $3.75 EA due to price increase of Acrylic. We can do custom orders for you to personalize to your school $4.50 to $4.75 depending on what you want. We can design for you for you only as well.

Names will be custom Quoted upon request.

Monograms are 3-5" $13, 5 X 6 is $15 any larger ones are $ to be determined. Feel free to send us an email, Jennifer will be happy to assist you. Check out her site for earrings, Bogg Bag tags, signs etc. have a great day.

Jennifer and Elizabeth Cleaver

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