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Welcome to HOCO 2022!   During this time we have taken our time to find the perfect ribbon, bling, and created new designs to make your HOCO 2022  so you have a special memory of your special day that is important to you.  We have been working on orders all summer and even with all that is unsure around you the one thing I have been hearing from my clients is "I want her to have a special mum or him a special garter".   This is a Texas tradition that no one wants to take away. I am now open for business which ever way you would like we can do a Face Time or feel free to come in. This year I have streamlined my online ordering process.  Basically I created some designs that are popular, leaving it up to you to add any additional to your budget.
Click on the store below. Be sure to read what is already included in price.  
Or you can choose one of the Mums In the Moment Now and we will customize to your needs.
Or you can call me at 832-326-3716 and set up an appointment or book online CLICK HERE
You can make any package unique and specific to your personality and/or activities. 
Each Mum or Garter is filled with lots of detail and attention. My Speciality!
Do you have any questions?  Feel free to give us a call  832-326-3716 or email us at

Mega Single Mum Aqua Silver and White

In stock
Product Details

Mega Single Mum Has 2 Turkey Boa, Grad Hat, Crystal Initial, Double Loops with Crystal HOCO, Liz Twist, Large MilitaryBraid, Spirit Braid, Senior Ribbon, Sassy Liz Braid, Texas Diamond Braid, Ribbon Candy Braid, Love Braid, Military Braid with Feather ball and Activity. Loaded with Bling

1 - 9.5 inch Flowers
School Color Ribbon
Ruffle around Flower
10" Decorated Bear
4 Holographic Ribbons
4 Printed Ribbons
2 Spirit Ribbons (with 6 major trinkets)
1 Large Bow in the Top

Visit our add-on & upgrade section to make your mum one of a kind.

*almost all designs have additions in pictures**

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